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We take high quality images from the air

Atmos Aerial Imagery

What we do

We create high quality content from the air. Our focus for the media, is defined by the client. 

Roof surveys may need very little creativity, but high detail, close up images.

Promotional videos may need a moderate amount of information within the content, a good amount of cinematic shots, and plenty of creativity to pull it all together.

We adapt and create, according to each job requires. 

Promo Video - Creativity


Promo Video - Information


Promo Video - Cinematography


About Atmos

“We’re More Than Just A Drone Business”

Atmos began as nothing more than a dream. Wouldn’t it be cool to fly drones for a job. From there, countless hours of flying, hundreds of videos and thousands of images were created.

The dream was soon to become a reality. But, turning a hobby into a job had implications. Almost anybody with a hobby, something they loved doing would snap at a chance to turn their hobby into a paying job. Drone piloting, especially, is no different.

That’s why Atmos isn’t a drone business. We don’t just fly drones. We create, using drones. We want our customers to receive more than just a video, or an image. We want them to receive their vision, that lets them achieve exactly whatever it is that vision entails.

We adopt their vision, and create, as if it was our own. And we don’t stop, until everyone is satisfied.

Atmos, came into existence from a dream, with the vision of being more, than just another drone business. It was  with the aim of creating beautiful, useful, informative media, from even the most basic of projects. 

Atmos Aerial Imagery

What You Need To Know


The cameras on our drones offer high resolution images and videos, perfect for any event, including weddings.


Drones offer a safer, cheaper, more efficient way of conducting surveys. No need for masses of scaffolding, or a helicopter.


Thermal imaging has many uses, and doing it from the air is sometimes, the best and easiest way.


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